Basics of Structural Plastic Lumber

Structural plastic lumber is a versatile and durable substance that offers an alternative to treated lumber wood and is suitable for massive commercial infrastructure projects such as marine applications, bridges, docks, boardwalks, fendering systems, and docks.  Structural plastic lumber performs well in extreme weather, salt, and corrosive type of environments. 

Structural plastic lumber is available in multiple surface options and is typically made from recycled polyethylene, reinforced with fiberglass.  It contains additives such as UV inhibitors and colorants. Learn more about Recycled Plastic Lumber at  recycled plastic lumber.  It is also added fiberglass rebar for greater strength and stability. 
One advantage of structural plastic over traditional wooden lumber is that it is impervious to water and chemicals. This is an important advantage over wooden lumber when it is used in the construction of docks, bridges, boardwalks, and marinas as it can stand up salt water, oils, and fuels that it can be exposed to when used in this application.  

Structural plastic is also very low maintenance meaning that it doesn't need to be painted, sanded, sealed, or strained like traditional wooden lumber.  This plastic is highly weather resistant, colorfast and extremely fade resistant which means that it will continue to look new after it gets installed in a structure.  Unlike wooden structures that require basic yearly maintenance done to them such as painting and sealing, plastic lumber does not require all this. 

Insects and fungi can wreak havoc on wood. Wood is a source of food for many insects thus the reason why they can eat away wooden lumber causing major structural damage. Read more about Recycled Plastic Lumber at  plastic lumber. There are also some particular types of fungi that are attracted to wood too. Fungi will infiltrate the wood and continue to grow to cause structural damage. This fungus is growing on wood can also pose health risks to those working on or around wooden structures.  Plastic does not attract either the insects or fungi thus making it a better choice for use in constructions.  
Structural lumber is becoming a more common construction material that is being used in many different types of construction applications.  Structural lumber is water and chemical resistant and has a higher tensile strength and requires low maintenance, therefore, making it a popular and more cost-effective choice in building materials.  

When buying structural plastic lumber for your construction project, make sure that you buy it from an established company.  Also, it is important to make sure that you educate yourself about this material before going ahead to buy it. Learn more from